15. Februar 2023

Elevate Gaming to New Heights – Give Your Users the Best, They Deserve it!

Haptic Feedback is much more than just the buzz of your smartphone. By applying force, vibration or motion to the user, we can add a touch experience to your products. With that, your users can fully utilize their potential while gaming, feeling the impulses on their skin.

The gaming industry is booming, your products should be, too

With Metahaptics, players can become one with their mission.

The global gaming industry is predicted to be worth $321 billion by 2026 and is continuously growing (PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2022-26). Valorant, Fortnite, and Minecraft are just a few examples of the numerous games you can play today and with Metahaptics, players can become one with their mission. Unleash the ultimate gaming experience with haptic sensation and give your products a competitive advantage! Industry sales will explode in 2023 and upcoming years, driven by widespread new game and next-gen console launches and strong consumer gaming spending. Take advantage of it and become a pioneer!

Enhance your products with Metahaptics

What do you want? Profit. What do your users want? Outstanding products.

You are concerned with always achieving a clear competitive advantage and clearly differentiating your products from other companies. The gaming industry is booming and it is getting harder and harder to come up with new and innovative ideas to stand out in the crowd. Users want top quality, intuitive usability, fair prices, and constant adaptation to their ever-changing needs.

So what is your job? To bring out products that exceed their expectations and meet needs where they did not know they had them before. That is where we come in. Because Haptic Feedback will revolutionize the market in the future and will be indispensable in technologies. 

However, some have not yet realized this, so now is exactly the right time to jump on, because now you are still a pioneer with it, which will promise you great success in the future. Your products have the potential to be outstanding, you just have to unveil their full potential.

Revolutionize the gaming experience of your users

Our technology converts audio signals into Haptic Feedback by transmitting frequencies up to 20.000 Hertz to the skin through its impulse generators. This means that the feedback is based not just on the strength of the bass, but also on the frequency of the audio signals. This in turn influences your haptic sensations, which are part of the somatosensory system.

This system is involved in many processes in our body and performs vital tasks. Vibrations can warn you of danger and objects in your environment. The frequencies transmitted to the skin intensify your experience and enrich your perception. When you experience that kind of content, you will find that much more intense.

Examples of products whose full potential can be exploited with Metahaptics:

  • Gaming chair
  • Sim racing chair
  • Gaming controller

Gaming chairs are designed to provide a comfortable and immersive gaming experience. By incorporating Metahaptics into gaming chairs, users can feel the vibrations and movements of the game in real-time. This means that when a player is hit by an enemy or their character falls, the user will feel a corresponding sensation in the chair.

With Metahaptics, users could feel the movement and vibration of the car as they drive.

Sim racing is a popular genre of gaming that involves driving virtual cars in a simulated environment. With Metahaptics, users could feel the movement and vibration of the car as they drive and the effects of acceleration, braking, and turning in real-time.

Gaming controllers with Haptic Feedback lets the player feel the impact of their actions, for example, when a player fires a gun in a first-person shooter game.

Discover more entertainment areas, which can be enhanced with Metahaptics here.