15. Februar 2023

Experience Entertainment like Never Before – A New Era of Fun!

Humans have five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. The sense of touch is particularly important for our perception, as it enables us to feel surface textures, sense proximity, distance, and sense movement. Sensit! technology allows for the integration of the sense of touch in the digital world through Metahaptics, which provides an immersive experience and a new way of entertainment. For more information, read on below.

What are Metahaptics?

Experience your digital content like never before with our Metahaptics, our patented Haptic Feedback technology that takes your product to the next level and brings it to life. With the ability to turn any digital data into haptic vibrations, the Sensit! technology sets the standard for advanced Haptic Feedback. Entertainment can be created like never before.

Our software is not just a simple “yes or no” feedback system, it varies the intensity of the vibrations to provide a truly immersive experience. Sensit! analyzes multiple signals at once and differentiates between them to create a complete sensory experience.

The pulse generators, a part of the Metahaptics, transmit data to your body with precision, creating a dynamic sensation that feels like sound is being experienced in stereo throughout your body. Say goodbye to boring and hello to Metahaptics.

A multitude of entertainment realms

With Metahaptics you can feel every sound directly on your body and listen to music like never before.

Imagine you can feel every sound, every tone directly on your body, whether high tones or deep basses. This is now possible with Sensit! technology! Immerse yourself in VR worlds, feel the action while gaming or listen to music like never before. Even movies become a haptic experience. That is what we call entertainment!

Our Metahaptics can enhance any product and take entertainment to a whole new level. Whether it is cinema seats or gaming chairs, there are numerous opportunities to incorporate our technology into a wide variety of products, and revolutionize the following entertainment areas, for example:


Thanks to our innovative Haptic Feedback technology, our pulse generators create an intense touch experience in gaming, making every game more immersive. Imagine your gaming chair has our technology built in. Whether playing Valorant, Fortnite or Minecraft, you would be one with your mission. Playing with friends would be even more exciting, as you immerse yourself in a new world.


Dive into a new world full of adventures and experiences! You can dive into virtual worlds not only with your eyes, but thanks to our technology also with your sense of touch and feel the feeling of immersion on your own body. Forget the world around you and let yourself be inspired by a new reality. Play games in a new way and experience virtual concerts with thousands of other people where you feel every bass in your body. Imagine Tomorrowland in VR + Haptic Feedback!

Experience the indescribable feeling of being part of the movie with the help of our pulse generators.


We watch movies in 4K and listen with the best sound systems, but one very important sense remains outside. We give you the indescribable feeling of being part of the movie with the help of the pulse generators. Through Haptic Feedback, movies can come to life.


Our Metahaptics, which transmit frequencies beyond our frequency spectrum to your body, will increase your emotions enormously, as you will also perceive the music through your skin and muscles. You will feel like you are part of what you are hearing.