10. Februar 2023

Haptic Feedback: Discover a New Dimension of Digital Experiences

In today’s world, we rely on numerous handheld devices to interact with the digital world that primarily influences our sight and hearing. With the best headphones, sound systems, and computers, we are fully equipped for an audio-visual feast. But what about the missing piece of the puzzle? While picture and sound quality have rapidly advanced, the physical feeling of content remains elusive. With proper implementation, these devices cannot only enable us to see and hear, but to physically feel the digital world. This is where Haptic Feedback comes into the picture.

Never heard of Haptic Feedback? We got you.

What is Haptic Feedback?

Have you ever felt the buzz of your phone when receiving a call? That is the magic of Haptic Feedback!

Haptic Feedback basically allows you to feel touch-based information through your sense of touch. Have you ever felt the buzz of your phone when receiving a call? Or the vibration of your game controller as you play your favorite game? Well, that is the magic of Haptic Feedback! Haptic Feedback is a physical sensation that we can feel, adding an extra layer of immersion and excitement to our daily experiences.

Are haptic features part of our everyday lives?

Yes, everyone who owns a cell phone with a vibrating alarm already uses haptic on a daily basis to register incoming messages, for example. This technology not only adds a fun element to your device usage but also confirms your actions, making it an essential part of your daily digital life. However, it is just a basic representation of how haptic technology works. Read on to learn how our technology leverages Haptic Feedback integration and how it can revolutionize your products.

Is Haptic Feedback a forward-looking technology?

Are you tired of simply seeing and hearing content? We are, too. It is time to fully engage all of your senses for a truly immersive experience. Haptic Feedback is bringing touch into the mix. This technology is not just for entertainment enthusiasts, it is also a game changer for those with hearing limitations. The integration of Haptic Feedback into various electronic devices and systems provides a more immersive and interactive user experience, enhancing our ability to connect with the digital world. Haptic Feedback will become a key player in shaping the future of electronics.

Haptic Feedback provides a more immersive and interactive user experience to connect with the digital world.

Experience the future of touch with Metahaptics

Our pulse generators provide the Haptic Feedback you need to enhance any product that you want to take to a whole new level. We convert any type of digital data into an experience that you can feel. The software not only differentiates between yes and no, it also varies the intensity of the feedback. We call that innovation Metahaptics, where Haptic Feedback is just a part of it.

Why Metahaptics are unique

Sensit! software is unique in its ability to transform any kind of digital data into a touch experience.

The Sensit! software converts your digital content so that you can perceive it haptically.

Our technology uses intelligent pulse generators to precisely transmit various forms of data to the body, creating an immersive experience. The impulse generators operate independently, providing a more complete and dynamic sensation.

Sensit! software is unique in its ability to transform any kind of digital data into a touch experience. The software is able to differentiate and interpret different kind of information, sounds, and frequencies and allows us to fully comprehend the experience. The software is able to separate and analyze different frequencies and put them together in a meaningful way, just as our brain does. For example, in a film, multiple sounds such as background music, dialogue and ambient noise are often heard at the same time. Metahaptics can enhance the perception of sound, making it feel as if it is being experienced in stereo throughout the body.

Especially in the case of sound, our software’s capabilities go beyond conventional. Due to factors such as age or hearing impairment, some people may not be able to hear vibrations. However, our software overcomes these limitations. It is able to produce sounds that are outside the range of normal hearing, allowing people to experience a wider range of sounds through touch, rather than just through hearing.

Fields of application of Haptic Feedback

There are many conceivable areas in which Haptic Feedback can improve your experience and add value. 


When we go to a concert, we put our heart and soul into every song we sing. Imagine watching the videos of your favorite concerts one more time. Imagine the feeling. Now imagine how that experience would feel if you felt it more intensely. Read more about how we can improve various entertainment areas here.


Haptic Feedback can be incorporated into seats to provide physical cues and to warn drivers about potential dangers. It can also be used to provide physical feedback when using a touchscreen in the car, making it easier to control the car’s systems. Tesla for example filed a patent in 2020 for a steering wheel with a haptic touchscreen. Haptic Feedback will become more and more a key feature in the automotive industry.


Even in virtual reality worlds, the intensity of perception can be increased enormously thanks to powerful softwares. You are in the middle of the virtual world (VR). Through the VR glasses, you are no longer aware of your surroundings. Now, by integrating touch into the game, an experience can be created that is as close to reality as possible.