What is Metahaptics?

The most realistic Haptic Feedback system

Metahaptics is the patented technology from Sensit! that enhances existing and new products with haptic sensation. Turn data, information and sound into experiences and get your products ready for the next level of immersion.

Make your Product outstanding

Haptic feedback increases customer engagement and satisfaction through realistic product experiences.

Increase Efficiency & Safety

Haptic feedback reduces from Sensit! the risk of accidents and human error, and increases the efficiency of work.  

Create Sensations around Experiences

Digital interactions become believable & engaging by mimicking touch through tactile engine.

Turn Benefits into Differentiators

Deliver important information through haptic feedback where visual & auditory cues fail to communicate.

7.1 Surround Sound

It sounds great. It feels even better

Metahaptics from Sensit! allows customers to create a personal listening experience beyond pure sound. Surround sound was yesterday, today is haptic sensation. Metahaptics is the only system that can transform the full sound spectrum of up to 20.000 Hertz into immersive haptic and touch experiences.

Metahaptics Technology

It’s not a trick. It’s Metahaptics from Sensit!.

Products come to life with the feeling of touch produced by actuators in an experience designed with the Metahaptics software. Countless haptic feedback enhancements and customer feedback loops went into the design of our technology to build the best product experience.

Telemetric Data Streams

Data is boring? Not if you can feel it!

Products can leverage different data and information streams to improve the user experience. Feedback, alerts, contextual information – right time, right form. Metahaptics from Sensit! lets customers use their existing product data to build it into the haptic feedback experiences. Same data, more value.