Metahaptics is a technology that enables virtual and tactile feedback experiences in real-time using haptic devices. You can read all about our worldwide patented Metahaptics technology here.

Metahaptics uses haptic motors and sensors to translate virtual inputs into tactile feedback experiences and vice versa.

Yes, Metahaptics can be used for people with physical impairments to enable them to experience tactile feedback when interacting with virtual objects.

Metahaptics can be used in various fields such as gaming, virtual reality, medical simulation, and industrial design.

Yes, Metahaptics is an important technology for the development of VR applications as it enables the user to experience tactile feedback when interacting with virtual objects.

In medicine, Metahaptics can be used to make medical simulations more realistic and to make it easier for medical professionals to practice complex medical procedures.

Metahaptics offers higher accuracy and a wider range of tactile feedback experiences compared to other haptic technologies.

One of the biggest challenges in developing Metahaptics systems is achieving accurate and consistent tactile feedback experiences across different devices and platforms.

Metahaptics employs a complex algorithm-based technology that enables a wide range of tactile feedback experiences to be generated in real-time, while other haptic technologies use simpler vibration patterns.