3. Juli 2023

With the Feelbelt, an idea became a successful business

The origin of our company lies in the development and introduction of the Feelbelt as our first and own product. The Feelbelt is an innovative wearable that uses haptic feedback to provide an immersive experience in the digital world. It is a kind of belt equipped with sensors and vibration motors that gives the wearer the feeling of perceiving sounds, music and games more intensely.

Feel it!

The launch of the Feelbelt on the market was an important milestone for us. It was not only a proof of concept, but also proof that people respond positively to the innovative haptic technology. The positive reactions of users confirmed the potential of the belt and opened up new opportunities for us to grow further.

Product Features

The Feelbelt goes beyond traditional haptic devices by expanding your sensory experience beyond deep bass frequencies up to 500Hz. This groundbreaking device is equipped with 10 actuators, allowing you to perceive frequencies from 10Hz to an incredible 20,000Hz. This means that sound comes alive on your body in a truly remarkable way. Additionally, the Feelbelt offers an exceptional spatial awareness feature, enabling you to discern the direction from which a sound originates. With its built-in joystick, you have full control over the intensity of haptic feedback and the volume of your audio, giving you a personalized and immersive experience.


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Feelbelt – Make the digital world feel real


Picture enhancing your music sessions, gaming escapades, movie marathons, or virtual reality encounters to an entirely different dimension. The Feelbelt effortlessly harmonizes with any audio device, making it adaptable to various platforms. Whether you connect it using a wired audio connection or leverage Bluetooth capabilities, the Feelbelt is prepared to join you on your immersive auditory expedition. In fact, it even supports sentimental connections, enabling you to link your beloved vintage Gameboy. It goes beyond being a mere product; it unlocks an entirely novel realm of sensory experiences, eagerly awaiting your exploration.

Customer experience

Instead of solely relying on our claims, let the satisfaction of our customers serve as evidence. The Feelbelt goes beyond simply improving audio experiences. It promotes inclusivity by enabling individuals with hearing impairments to physically feel sound. Through the use of the Feelbelt, those who were previously unable to fully enjoy audio content can now engage in a sensory-rich experience.

Engage in other ways

In addition, the Feelbelt has brought about a significant transformation in live concerts by offering attendees the ability to physically sense the intense energy and vibrations coming from the stage. By linking the Feelbelt to the concert’s audio system, audience members have the opportunity to actively engage with the performance, strengthening their bond with the music and resulting in an exceptionally memorable encounter.

Experience sound

To take your experience to the next level, Sensit! provides the Feelbelt App for free, enabling you to customize and optimize your audio journey to perfection.

It introduces a completely fresh perspective to how we perceive sound by enabling us not just to hear it, but also to physically feel it. Gone are the days when the thrill, suspense, rhythm, and beat were mere abstract ideas; now, they transform into tangible sensations. To take your experience to the next level, Sensit! provides the Feelbelt App for free, enabling you to customize and optimize your audio journey to perfection. Irrespective of your purpose or situation, the Feelbelt opens up a whole new world of unmatched audio immersion.


But because we were known as a company under Feelbelt, we were often reduced to just the product. This led to an underestimation of our versatile technology and comprehensive capabilities. To counteract this misunderstanding and realize the full potential of the company, we decided to move from B2C to B2B and changed our name to Sensit!

Renaming Feelbelt to Sensit makes it clear that Sensit! is more than just the Feelbelt. We offer a wide range of solutions with our technology, called Metahaptics, that go beyond the wearable. Metahaptics enables the creation of immersive haptic experiences in various application areas such as gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, film production and more.

We are now focusing on businesses and corporations to provide them with Metahaptics technology. Our customers recognize the added value of the haptic experience and use the technology to improve their own products and services. We provide them with customized solutions to meet their unique needs and give them a competitive advantage.