Metahaptics by Sensit!

You have a gaming chair but it can't do this

Watch the action

Unveil Metahaptics

Not just sound – it's the sonic boost in a chair

The worlds first technology to convert a whole spectrum of the human hearing to tangible vibrations.
What is Metahaptics?

We take you beyond the visual ...

Overcome visual and auditory limitations by delivering a sense of touch for better usability and immersive user experience.

The world becomes more digital every day.

Evolve digital environments by mimicking touch, changing the world for everyone.

Become part of the movement

Lead the market with haptic technology to meet the ever evolving user needs.

Take your products to the next level

Haptic feedback increases customer engagement and satisfaction through realistic product experiences.

A new dimension in sound

”I feel like I'm on a roller coaster”