Julia Heine
28. Februar 2023

Sensit! expands position as haptic feedback player

Potsdam, 28.02.2023 – Sensit! is the new haptic feedback brand resulting from the acquisition of the company GHOST – feel it. by Feelbelt. By combining the strengths of both companies with their patented Metahaptics technology, the digital world becomes tangible. Under the joint roof of Sensit! the way is now paved to become the leading Haptic Feedback player on the market.


The unique software as well as the know-how of GHOST – feel it. paired with the technology and experience of Feelbelt result in a strong position for Sensit! in the still young haptic feedback market. CEO and founder of Sensit! Benjamin Heese on the takeover process:

Thanks to a great team effort and the support of the German Accelerator through the US programme, we have been able to develop a strong brand with Sensit! We represent the best quality, unparalleled immersive experience and offer our customers a significant competitive advantage through the use of our Metahaptics technology.”

Simple products are enhanced multiple times by haptics

Every conceivable product can be enhanced by haptics. Among other things, objects that are part of a great experience can be used for this purpose. For example, a simple chair can be transformed from an ordinary piece of seating furniture into a completely new, more valuable product through haptics. The content that users watch on their smartphone, console or PC comes to life through haptic feedback, creating an extremely immersive experience. Metahaptics technology translates any music, speech, sound or interaction data into haptic feedback (simply put: vibrations) that are synchronously transmitted to the body.

The Sensit! software is not only able to make all kinds of data perceptible, but also covers the full spectrum of human hearing and even frequencies beyond that. From 10 to 20,000 Hz, any pitch can be felt by the user.

Another product of the company is the Ghost Suite – a software for the simple, individual design of haptic feedback. This works hardware-independently. The intuitive user interface enables both professionals and inexperienced users to adapt the vibration patterns to their own needs. This way, previously implemented actuators can be configured to perfectly match the respective experience (gaming, automotive, entertainment).


Founded in 2019 in Potsdam, Sensit! is a multi-brand haptic technology company that offers the easiest way on the market to build and scale haptic experience solutions. Sensit! advances digital experiences with immersive haptic feedback (simple: vibration) by turning any music, voice, sound and interaction data into a tangible experience – for hobbyists and professionals. Creators, studios and entertainment companies use Sensit!’s patented technology to build immersive experiences spanning multiple applications from gaming, VR, movies and automotive to metaverse spaces. With a special developed and easy to use platform B2B clients can customize these integrated Haptics by themselves. This is how simple products become haptic sensations.