Julia Heine
9. Januar 2024

2024 Kickoff: RECARO and Sensit! present the RECARO Sport C and Pro SIM Star Seat with FeelTech+ at CES

Las Vegas, 09. January 2024 – Feel the game on your body and gain a tactical advantage: This is now possible with the Sport C Seat and Pro SIM Star from RECARO & Sensit!. The two companies will present the Sport C Seat and Pro SIM Star with FeelTech+ at CES, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for consumer electronics in Las Vegas for the first time in 2024 from 09th to 12th of January 2024. 

The Sport C and Pro SIM Star by RECARO and Sensit! transmit the game’s telemetry data to the body via vibrations. (©Sensit!)

“CES is the playground in which the world’s most influential companies reveal their most exciting work,” said Nicole McElroy, Global Vice President of Product Development and Brand at RECARO. “We couldn’t imagine unveiling our incredible new products and technologies anywhere else.  With an anticipated attendance of 130,000 and over 3500 exhibitors, CES is an ideal platform from which we can reach our loyal RECARO Automotive fans, new and old.”

The Sport C will take the spotlight at the forefront, and booth attendees will have the opportunity to join the driver in the Pro SIM Star for a ride, immersing themselves in the driver’s perspective. Whether the driver swerves off the road, encounters a curb, or traverses rough terrain, occupants of the Sport C will share in the same sensations as the racecar driver, all aimed at enhancing their lap time. It’s akin to stepping into the passenger seat for an exhilarating lap, without the need to set foot on the racetrack.

These are the main features of the Sport C and Pro SIM Star from RECARO & Sensit! with FeelTech+:

  • 14 vibration units that are individually controlled inbuilt into the seat
  • A plug & play software solution that makes it easy and setup and run.
  • Immersive mode for bringing more realistic experience
  • Competitive mode with special “Seat-of-the-pants” haptic effect, bringing most crucial information to the driver about tire load
  • Individual settings of the Haptic Feedback (for experts)

A prominent feature of the seat is the so-called “Seat-of-the-pants” Feel, which Racers have been completely lacking until now. The “Seat-of-the-pants” Feel represents the sensory feedback that the driver literally feels in his buttocks when steering his car through corners and intuitively recognizes when he needs to counter-steer to prevent the vehicle from sliding. The Sport C and Pro SIM Star transmit exactly this information in the form of precise vibrations.

Users will get access to a dashboard where they can choose individual settings, tailoring the experience perfectly to each Sim Racer. (©Sensit!)

The vibrations are transmitted in two modes based on the telemetry data of the current game. The Immersive mode is aimed at those who want to experience the action of the game most intensively on their body. In this mode, elements such as bumps, gear changes, and engine sounds are completely transmitted to the driver.

The Competitive mode proves to be indispensable for experienced SimRacers and professional racers. Here, the focus is on the “Seat-of-the-pants” Feel. Through targeted feedback, the driver can intuitively decide whether his vehicle is already operating at its performance limit or whether he can still get more out of it.

The “Seat-of-the-pants” Feel was developed in close cooperation with professional racers and real racing teams, resulting in a significant increase in lap times through the integration of haptic feedback.

“We are extremely excited about the cooperation with RECARO,” says Benjamin Heese, CEO of Sensit! “Our constant goal is to merge technology and gaming in a way that not only creates a unique experience but also a tactical advantage. With the Haptic Sport C and Pro SIM Star Seat with FeelTech+, we’ve succeeded.”

The companies want to launch their joint product on the market as early as 2024. The two chairs stand as a remarkable testament to the transformative power of haptics in revolutionizing the experience of seating.

About RECARO Automotive

Recaro Automotive was founded over 60 years ago by the former Reuter Carosserie and has since concentrated on the development of innovative car seats. Recaro’s high-quality seats can be experienced on the race track and the road as well as at home in sim racing. The world’s leading automotive seating brand, RECARO Automotive, specializes in creating innovation, safety, comfort, and quality in automotive seating. They have 500 employees operating in 3 assembly plants in 3 countries worldwide producing and delivering premium quality automotive products by using the brand RECARO under a license of the RECARO Holding for dynamic, racing, comfort, commercial, and major OEMs. From complete seating systems to individual components, their expertise spans every step of the automotive seat-making process. RECARO’s globalized integrated, in-house skills allow them to support the product creation from research and design all the way to engineering and manufacturing while maintaining a global premium brand presence.

Learn more: https://www.recaro-automotive.com/us/recaro

About Sensit!

Sensit! is a multi-brand Haptics company, which sets the standard for haptics. Established in 2019 in Potsdam, Germany, Sensit! is rapidly emerging as the premier global authority in haptic integration. Their innovative approach transforms digital experiences with immersive haptic feedback (simply put: through vibrations), turning any sound, telemetry, or interaction data into a tangible experience. This ground-breaking technology enhances user engagement across various applications. Sensit! prides itself on offering ‘sense-as-a-service,’ enabling customers to effortlessly create custom vibrational feedback and haptic solutions tailored to their unique needs, all without requiring specialized knowledge in the field. This user-friendly approach positions Sensit! at the forefront of haptic technology, making it the go-to choice for integrating tactile feedback into digital experiences worldwide.

Learn more: https://sensit.tech/