3. August 2023

Internship at Sensit!: A Journey of Ownership, Creativity, and Growth

Have you ever wondered what it is like to do an internship at a haptics company? Well, let me take you on a journey through the eyes of Adam and Emna. Spoiler alert: Coffee brewing is not on the agenda!

Adam is our Haptic Research Intern and fine-tunes the tactile responses of our haptic system. A truly unique aspect of his role is the iterative process of testing and refining these systems, where he is both the creator and the end-user, experiencing firsthand the sensations we aim to recreate for our sim racers.

When he is not making tweaks for the racetrack, you will find Adam in a different kind of studio. As a music producer, he collaborates with a variety of artists to create unique sounds. They experiment with different genres, languages, and instruments, creating a musical fusion that resonates with a diverse audience. It is a creative outlet that complements his technical work, as both pursuits involve crafting intricate patterns and rhythms – one for the sense of touch, the other for the sense of hearing.

Emna is our IT Intern and her work revolves around the exciting field of evaluating AI approaches


Emna is our IT Intern and her work revolves around the exciting field of evaluating AI approaches, particularly in the context of filtering audio data to enhance the user’s experience with our haptic technology, Metahaptics. She meticulously test and analyzes various AI algorithms to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency in processing audio data.

When she is not on a Sensit! mission she enjoys going out, watching movies, taking pictures and dancing.

Internship at Sensit!

For Adam, the quest to find an internship for a haptics company in Germany had been a long and arduous one. Opportunities in this emerging field were scarce, but when he stumbled upon Sensit! on LinkedIn, he knew he had found something special. The fun job descriptions put up by the executives instantly caught his attention, and when he received a swift and positive response from our CEO Benjamin, his decision was made.

Emna´s decision to join Sensit! was motivated by a desire to witness a direct impact of her contributions and work.

Joining Sensit! came with a sense of ownership and responsibility for the development and growth of the company which fuels my motivation.

– Emna Othmen

Expectations vs. Reality

Adam joined us with the expectation of hard work, knowing that breaking into the mainstream tech industry with a brand-new concept was no easy task. As a research intern, he anticipated learning more about the business side of things as well. However, his expectations were surpassed by the actual experience. Doing his internship at a startup proved to be priceless for him. Not only did he collaborate with his supervisor, the CTO, on a daily basis, but he also had the opportunity to closely interact with the CEO and the sales lead. At Sensit!, the more effort you put in, the more you gain – a philosophy Adam fully embraced.

Emna’s expectations of her internship aligned perfectly with the reality she encountered at Sensit. She sought to experience the direct impact of her efforts, and that’s precisely what she got. Moreover, being part of a dynamic working environment meant that unexpected changes were par for the course, particularly throughout her research project. Emna adapted and made the necessary adjustments to ensure her work concluded with fruitful results.

The Top 3 Things They Love about Sensit!

Emna highlights three aspects that stand out as her favorites. Firstly, the autonomy and trust she received in her abilities allowed her creativity to flourish. Unlike some rigid corporate structures, Sensit provided her with ample room to explore innovative solutions. Secondly, being included in decision-making processes taught her valuable lessons about the dynamics of startup life. Her input was valued, and she saw firsthand how her ideas could shape the company’s direction. Lastly, Emna emphasizes the incredible team and working environment at Sensit. Collaborating with passionate individuals who shared her drive for success made the experience even more enjoyable.

Adam praises our company’s leadership style.

There’s no hierarchy or status barrier between me and the big shots of the company right from the start. We converse on an equal footing. If there’s an issue, it gets sorted out with minimal fuss.

– Adam Kadmani

Secondly, the technology itself fascinated him, and as a tech enthusiast, he was thrilled to be a part of it. Lastly, the cool office space in Potsdam added to the overall positive experience at Sensit.

Challenges and Triumphs

Working on sim racing games, Adam got to witness the incredible results of his implementations.

No internship comes without its challenges, and for Adam, it was the daunting task of getting familiar with an existing system that had been in place before he joined. Those initial weeks were filled with learning every detail of the infrastructure, navigating through roadblocks and surprises. But he tackled the challenge head-on by doing his homework, seeking help from colleagues, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout.

Our CEO Benjamin took Adam cart racing because he did not know what the feeling he was trying to replicate actually felt like.

As someone at the crossroads of software, hardware, and testing, Adam’s favorite task was undoubtedly testing the technology. Working on sim racing games, Adam got to witness the incredible results of his implementations. And that was not all – he enjoyed being part of client presentations, where he gained valuable insights into the industry’s norms and procedures.

If you’re a student hell-bent on interning at large companies for the sake of a perfect CV, you might want to reconsider. The networking opportunities, the fast-paced environment, and the visible impact of your work are all valuable aspects of interning at a startup that can fuel your career.

– Adam Kadmani
The most daunting task for Emna revolved around an audio filtering problem.

The most daunting task for Emna revolved around identifying a suitable approach for an audio filtering problem in her project. Navigating through various approaches, testing and evaluating them, proved to be both the most challenging and the most exciting part of her internship. To overcome these obstacles, Emna relied on a combination of perseverance, consistency, and the valuable guidance and mentorship at Sensit!.

Impressions of Germany

Apart from the internship itself, Potsdam, the city where Sensit! is located, left a lasting impression on Adam. He loved the clean air, gorgeous scenery, and stunning architecture. Moreover, the presence of several art schools added a vibrant touch to the city.

I chose to do my end of studies internship in Germany because I believe that experiencing new cultural and working environments are an opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

– Emna Othmen

Residing in Berlin, Emna finds the city to be an exciting and constantly evolving place. The vibrant streets and diverse population of Berlin resonate with her, as she has a fondness for big cities with an energetic atmosphere.

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