29. September 2023

Haptic Feedback Technology: Welcome to Sensit!

We at Sensit! are thrilled to enhance the user experience by our Haptic Feedback technology called Metahaptics. Our journey, which began as a B2C and evolved into a B2B Business, is a captivating story. Discover more about our transformation and the motivations that drove it.

Evolution and Expansion

In addition to CEO Benjamin Heese, Kilian Wessel came on board as our second Managing Director, drawn by his deep fascination with our vision. He was captivated by the idea of providing digital experiences that feel real and believes in the potential impact of haptic feedback technology.

“Ultimately, we aim to create the best digital experience, making it as immersive as possible, so that people will say: “You need this technology, to feel like you’re in the heart of it all!”. That’s our goal!”

– Kilian Wessel, COO

Then, at the end of 2022 we underwent a significant transformation, reflected in our name change. Initially, we shared our name with our product – the Feelbelt-, but as our company evolved and expanded its horizons, a new name was in order. We now extend our reach into the B2B sector, collaborating with businesses to integrate our Metahaptics technology into various products.


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Benjamin Heese & Kilian Wessel in an interview

Entering the Gaming Market

We made a strategic move to venture into the gaming market, because we recognized its vast potential, driven by gamers’ willingness to invest in top-notch equipment that enhances their gaming experiences. Now we seek to meet this demand by providing our Metahaptics technology.

The gaming industry’s allure lies in its ability to create immersive worlds, and gamers crave authenticity. That is why we aim to cater to gamers’ desires by offering technology that allows them to truly feel the gaming environment.

“Everyone Interacts with some form of digital content daily, engaging with it. And I’d like every person to not just see and hear that, but also feel it. Because it significantly enhances their perception.

– Benjamin Heese, CEO

Beyond Gaming

We envision a future where haptic feedback technology extends beyond gaming. We are particularly interested in the automotive sector, where our technology can enhance safety features by conveying information through tactile feedback.

The Ultimate Objective

Our ultimate goal is to make haptic feedback technology ubiquitous. We aspire to enhance digital experiences for people from all walks of life, with a special focus on individuals with hearing impairments.

Future of Haptic Feedback

Benjamin and Kilian firmly believe that haptic feedback will play a pivotal role in various industries. From automotive applications to consumer electronics, haptic feedback enhances human-machine interaction and sensory experiences.

Importance of Haptic Feedback


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This interview underscores the significance of haptic feedback in elevating digital experiences. It transforms products into immersive, sensory-rich encounters and bolsters safety across a spectrum of applications.